Neurodevelopmental care

Neurodevelopmental care

Partnering with the NHS to increase capacity, reduce waits and improve outcomes
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Do you need to increase access to high-quality neurodevelopmental care for children and adults?

At Healios, we believe exceptional neurodevelopmental care should be accessible to those who need it. By pairing expert clinicians with innovative technology, we’re turning this belief into a reality.

Autism and ADHD

We specialise in online autism and ADHD services and have been a partner of choice for the NHS throughout the UK for over 10 years. Our contract renewal rate is 80%, demonstrating our ability to work sustainably and collaboratively with our partners. 

Powered by technology

Our purpose-built virtual care platform, Panacea, connects families with specialist multidisciplinary clinicians across the UK allowing easy and secure access, regardless of location. Families don't need to travel to appointments and can join the online sessions from multiple locations.  

Provide high quality care

Together we can collaborate to increase support quickly to families in your local area and ease service pressures, allowing you more time to focus on face-to-face sessions whilst supporting you with your digital pathway strategic goals. 

Our clinicians, of almost 300 specialists, work collaboratively to deliver expert care remotely. 

Being digital-first and utilising remote working we can also support in our mutual journey to becoming net-zero, with a service which can positively impact your carbon footprint and help you reach your sustainability goals. 

Clinical sessions delivered

Referrals received

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Our Services

Our neurodiversity services include:

Autism assessments

ADHD assessments

Dual autism and ADHD assessments

Post diagnosis support for family

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How does it work? Once we receive a referral from the local service, all data is securely flowed through our virtual care platform, Panacea. After the referral is reviewed for risk management, a Healios account is activated and the family receives a welcome email and text explaining how to activate their Healios account. Once activated they’ll be able to access the interactive platform, Panacea. Our dedicated clinical experience team are available seven days a week to support families throughout their Healios journey.

Read an overview of the Healios neurodevelopmental pathway

Hear what our partners think

"Highly professional and impactful"

Maxine Tomlinson, Senior Children's Commissioning Manager
NHS Derby and Derbyshire Integrated Care Board

“Healios have helped provide additional capacity into our CAMHS teams. They have been flexible and adaptable to our needs.”

Associate Director for Partnerships and Integration

“By partnering with Healios over the last five years, we have been able to increase and enhance our clinical offering. This is with regard to digital (especially pre-pandemic), but also to workforce capacity, data intelligence, access and being able to offer interventions outside of working hours. Healios’ offering is not seen as an alternative, rather, Healios’ approach enhances our vision and interventions.”

Transformation Lead for CYP Mental Health Services
Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust

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